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Which is the Best Place to get IT Training in Patna?

Programming Classes is the best place for IT and placement training, offering a large number of trending software courses in Patna. We provide real-time live projects and hands-on practical sessions along with Python training, Big Data Hadoop training, Java training, Android training, AWS training, Salesforce training, Linux training, AngularJS training, Web Designing training, Web Development training, SEO training and lots of other professional hot training courses. The syllabus of all of these courses is designed by highly qualified professionals, to make the programs the best job oriented training programs.

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Student Notice Board

New batch of Foundation of coding (C,DSA,C++) is going to start from 06 /05/2024,time 8:30am...
New batch of Foundation of coding (C,DSA,C++) is going to start from 06 /05/2024,time 5:30pm...
Summer Internship program-2024(JAVA,DSA,WEB,PYTHON,C,C++,FULL-STACK) is going to start from May to Aug....
New Batch of Core java is going to start from 30-05-24,Time 10:00am(summer Training Batch-45 days)
New Batch(ONLINE) of Web-development is going to start from 20-06-24.Time 8:30pm
New Batch of Foundation of coding(C,DSA,C++)is going to start from 19-06-24.Time 4:00pm.
New Batch of Foundation of coding(C,DSA,C++)is going to start from 15-07-24.Time 5:30pm.
New batch of Java Frame-work is going to start from 15/07/24.time ONLINE Mode.
New batch of data analytics is going to start from 15/07/24.Time 11:30am.

How does Programming Classes Assist Students to Select the Best Software Training Course?

At Programming Classes, Each student's need is carefully understood and analyzed by our counselors. They are advised for the simplest IT training which will pave their thanks to step into Corporate and Top MNCs. This is one of the reasons why Training in Patna is known as No.1 IT training and placement institute in Patna.

Students’ Expectation = Our Customer Service

Once the need is understood, our career counselors are very conscious and keen in providing suggestions based on student's requirements and demands. Their advice helps and inspires the students to proceed according to their passion. If the scholars have some specific technical requirements, doubts or need any project support, we connect them on to the experts, in-person or over involve clarification. For freshers and newbies, we exclusively offer “Masters Programs” and “Combo Courses” to show them to multiple technologies simultaneously and increase confidence. The range of our training course program varies from 1 month to 4 months, according to the student's convenience. Fast-track classes are also available in a 4 day to 10 day period based on the student's urgency. This is how we assist our students with the best career guidance and training courses in Patna.

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Training in Programming Classes Supports with Learning Software,Placement Training and Job Support

Whatever your goals are, whether you want to be Cross-Skilled or Up-Skilled in a new technology, switch from a non-IT to IT field, career change dream, fresher getting into IT field, career progression, professional development, we are the best IT Training Institute offering complete support and 100% placement assistance. You’ll gain project support, resume preparation support, interview preparation support and mock interviews, communication skills, interpersonal skills, personal grooming, and personality development training. We also offer internship programs for selected students. At the end of the training course, you will get the confidence of having worked for one year in an industry. That’s the reason for why we are the best IT training institute in Patna of students’ choice. We are not just any software training institute in Patna; we care for the students in all possible ways, until their goals are achieved.

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When is the Last Time You Have Invested in Your Career Development?

Programming Classes is the only IT training institute in Patna offering the best training programs with customized training course content at an affordable and reasonable course fees. Your payment modes can be either via card payments, cash payments or online payments. If we feel that a student isn't confident about his/her training course, we allow him/her to take a seat during a trial session (1 live class) before joining the course for the clear understanding on our trainer’s quality and teaching methods. This 30 to 45 minutes trial session is free for all the scholars . We mainly arrange for this trainer student interaction to spice up the student's confidence level. Make your money's worth, by investing in your career development without any fear or hesitation, if you have a genuine interest in learning and exploring something new.

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Enroll in Programming Classesto Enjoy Additional Benefits

Free Parking Facilities

Don't worry about your vehicles whether it is two wheeler. Free parking facilities are available where your vehicles will remain safe and secure.

Affordable Course Fees

Programming Classes is the only institute offering high-quality professional training programs at a very nominal and reasonable course fees.

Hands-on live Projects

Our way of training and efforts make the students capable of working on live projects in the technology that they are interested in.

Interview Preparation

Enrolling for any specific technology, also covers mock interviews and preparation sessions according to what the companies expect from the candidates.

Resume Building Support

Along with the training, our trainers help you in resume building which will be highly rated and will be covering all your strengths and technical skills.

Flexible Class Timings

Even though our trainers are working, we provide flexible class timings based on the student's availability and convenience.

Which Training CourseDo I Need to Select As Freshers ?

Training in Patna for Freshers and Beginners:
Initally, Fresher can choose C-language for develope their programming logic.

C is a computer programming language. That means that you can use C to create lists of instructions for a computer to follow. C is one of thousands of programming languages currently in use. C has been around for several decades and has won widespread acceptance because it gives programmers maximum control and efficiency. C is an easy language to learn.

After that , You can learn C++ and Data Stracture and then you can learn any of the Programming language

After learning C-language, you will move to learn Data Stracture and C++ . You will learn advance use of C-language like searching or sorting techniques . C++ is a statically typed, compiled, general-purpose, case-sensitive, free-form programming language that supports procedural, object-oriented, and generic programming. C++ is regarded as a middle-level language, as it comprises a combination of both high-level and low-level language features.

Programming Classes for Working IT Professionals:
If you are a working IT professional, you should choose a technology which is related to your current technology, to use your previous experience. That will help you to get better jobs and placements in patna. You can also choose different technologies if you need a complete career change.
  •    Learn web development using Php or Python with thier framework to develop advance application.
  •    Learn Core and Advance Java to develope the Application .
  •    Learn Oracle SQL (or) MySQL (or) SQL Server DB if you want to become a Database Developer.
  •    Learn Php, .Net ,Python if you you are intrested to become web Developer..
  •    Learn Advance Excel + VBA if you are already familiar with Excel functions.
  •    Learn HTML CSS Bootstrap Javascript jquery for web Designer.
Programming Classes for Non-IT Professionals, People with Career Gaps and Breaks:
If you are from non-IT background, you should choose a technology which can help to find a better start easily. You should do more hands-on practices and real-time projects to improve your confidence level.
  •    Learn UI Development (or) Digital Marketing if you have more than 5+ years of non-IT experience or Career Gaps or Breaks.
Programming Classes for School Students and Junior College Students:
If you are a school student or junior college student, you should choose a technology where you stimulate and explore your potentials and skills.
  •    Learn C C++ Programming (or) Core Java (or) Python to gain knowledge about how a programming language works with logic.
  •    Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript to start Web Designing and Development
Programming Classes for Engineering College Students:
If you are an engineering student, you should choose a technology which is trending in the market. This advice will be apt and beneficial if you are a CS or IT student.
  •    Learn C C++ Programming (or) Python (or) Core Java if you want to become a programmer or developer.
  •    Learn Java + Python if you want to be a software test engineer.
  •    Learn Oracle SQL (or) MySQL (or) SQL Server DB if you want to become a Database Developer.
  •    Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript if you are a newbie to Web Designing
  •    Learn Php, .Net ,Python if you you are intrested to become web Developer.

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